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Every Nation Education

Every Nation Education is a non-profit 501(c)3 birthed from the heart of founder and former CEO Rose Boyd. To give freedom through education to underprivileged sections of society. Rose saw a crisis and the effects of the lack of quality education and teacher training for rural areas around the globe and made a commitment to make a change. 

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Matt and Christin Ward (founders)


Church members Paul and Pamela Ashenfelter work with other volunteers to pack Bible keychains for shipment to Ukraine.  

Praying Pelicans

PPM exists to build up, encourage, and assist the local Church in

serving and reaching their communities for Christ.

As an interdenominational ministry, we seek to celebrate the variety of the Church while leveraging what binds us together as followers of Jesus Christ. There is no more powerful example of God’s love to a community than when His people come together to serve and advance the Gospel, all in the name of Jesus.


Above: Students from Atlantic Christian School work hard to install insulation in a remodeled home as well as construct a ramp for a community member.

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